Audio analyzer A10

A10 is currently the most high-performance and fully functional analog 2-channel audio analyzer, fully benchmarking with AP company APx555. It has a high-performance sine signal generator and analyzer, which can generate sine signals up to 204kHz and residual THD+N of less than -120 dB in the system. It has a testing bandwidth of over 1MHz and supports all digital interfaces (ADIO/BT/I2S/HDMI/PDM) and advanced master clock (AMC) modules. It is an ideal testing equipment for the development stage of audio products.

Audio analyzer A9

A9 is a 16 channel audio analyzer with analog 8 channel output/16 channel input, fully aligned with AP's APx586, and its interface type and channel range meet a wide range of audio product testing requirements. In addition, it supports digital interfaces (AES/EBU/TOSLINK/SPDIF) with a sampling rate of up to 216K, as well as extensions such as BT/I2S/HDMI/PDM, making it an ideal testing device for multi-channel (8-channel or above) audio products.

Audio analyzer A8

A8 is a true multi-channel audio analyzer, which supports analog 8-channel simultaneous input/output and digital interface (BT, I2S, HDMI, PDM, etc.) expansion. It is an ideal test equipment for consumer equipment such as home theater receiver/professional Mixing console, etc.

Audio analyzer A7

A7 is an audio analyzer with flexible input and output interfaces, supporting analog 2-channel output, 8-channel input, and various digital interface (BT, I2S, HDMI, PDM) extensions. It is a testing equipment for multi-channel audio products. The analog 2-channel output characteristics enable it to have higher performance and output amplitude, meeting the high input requirements of the tested product.

Audio analyzer A6

A6 is a 4-channel audio analyzer with 2 channels of analog output/4 channels of analog input, as well as a digital interface (AES/EBU/TOSLINK/SPDIF) with a sampling rate of up to 216K, designed specifically for typical 4-channel power amplifiers in the automotive audio industry. In addition, the input output interface can be extended through optional digital modules such as DSIO/PDM/BT/HDMI.

Audio analyzer A5

A5 is a high-performance analog 2-channel audio analyzer developed by Aptec, fully benchmarking with AP company APx525. In addition to having ultra-high system performance, it also provides a series of testing plugins to expand testing capabilities, and supports multiple digital interfaces (BT, I2S, HDMI, PDM, etc.). It is a testing equipment for the development stage of consumer audio and automotive electronics and other audio and video products.

Audio analyzer A4

A4 is a flexible performance oriented audio analyzer with analog 2-channel output/4-channel input. It supports the expansion of high-performance electroacoustic test options and digital interfaces (BT/HDMI/I2S), and is widely used in multi-channel audio products such as car audio multimedia and Mixing console. In addition, A4 paired with SW12 series switch boxes can expand the number of input and output channels to 192.

Audio Analyzer A3

A3 is designed specifically to meet the testing requirements of hearing aid production lines, providing designated measurement items and necessary input/output interfaces while maintaining high performance and reliability of the equipment. Support one NET function library, capable of automatically executing tests described in IEC60118-7 and ANSIS3.22. For production environments, any support can be obtained NET language or LabVIEW calls these functions to control the output and measurement settings of A3.

Audio analyzer A2

A2 is a cost-effective analog 2-channel audio analyzer developed by Aptec. Its system performance and functionality are between A5 and A1DD, supporting various electroacoustic testing options and digital interface (BT/HDMI/I2S) expansion. It is a cost-effective solution for the initial development stage of consumer audio products and production line testing.
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