One to four Bluetooth earphone audio testing system

The one to four Bluetooth headphone audio testing system is a customized product based on the current headphone market demand. After long-term continuous optimization and comprehensive consideration of customer product characteristics, testing requirements, and manual operation habits, from hardware design to software platform, simple, efficient, and accurate testing results have been greatly achieved, with UPH reaching 480 hours per hour.

ANC noise reduction headphone audio testing system

ABTEC ANC test system is a set of ANC test and headphone acoustic test system developed based on A2 audio analyzer. The system can manually or automatically test the passive noise reduction and Active noise control curve of headphones according to customer needs, support different noise reduction schemes such as FF, FB, Hybrid, automatically adjust the gain of the object to be tested to achieve the target noise reduction effect, and automatically burn the gain data. The testing system has good stability and fast speed, which can effectively solve the problem of noise reduction earphone testing in research and development or production lines. Simultaneously supporting noise reduction earphone filtering circuit curve testing, all related acoustic tests for ordinary Bluetooth earphones, TWS earphones, and wired earphones.

2 in 1 RF test system of Bluetooth headset

This test system is based on 8852B instrument development automation software, can achieve high efficiency product test

Handset acoustic test system

Application project 1 and 2 test time <10s, Application project 3 test time <20s; Add key frequency test data to facilitate process CPK and GR & R analysis; data export function, test data can be imported into customer production database; foolproof warning lights (bee (Buzzer) and product barcode scanning, employee ID number scanning; emergency stop switch device for safety

Vehicle multimedia automatic test system

Vehicle multimedia automatic test system is a kind of automatic test solution established for high-precision test of various functional indexes of auto audio. Based on the long-term interests of customers, the scheme has flexible hardware platform and standardized general software platform, which makes the automatic test system of customers easy to expand, maintain and manage. At the same time, because its hardware platform is not limited by the equipment brand and model, it can quickly establish an automatic test system with the same accuracy, high stability and high efficiency as the existing equipment based on the existing equipment of customers.

Microphone automatic test system

This system uses our own high-performance two-channel A2 audio analyzer and related acoustic test accessories, such as standard microphones, artificial mouths, etc., to achieve the performance index test of the microphone under test, such as sensitivity, frequency response, distortion curve, array Mai's consistency test.

Lightning headphone automatic test system

In order to solve the problem that Apple products cannot be directly controlled on the market, this solution uses the development of a WIFI-based APP (named: APPForIphone) on the Apple ipod touch to assist the test, so as to achieve the ability to play different test signals according to different test items. Audio test Parameters: Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion, Headphone Frequency Response, Microphone Frequency Response / Smartness, Microphone Total Harmonic Distortion.

Intelligent terminal finished product acoustic testing system

The main control board usually supports multiple working modes such as WIFI and Bluetooth, and parses MIC voice commands; The power amplifier board realizes voice playback of Smart speaker; The MIC board realizes voice command recording, usually recording 6-8 microphones simultaneously; Other auxiliary function boards such as buttons, LEDs, etc.

Tablet PC audio test system

This system adopts our own high-performance dual-channel audio analyzer A4, which cooperates with the acoustic automatic test software and related test accessories and sound insulation boxes developed by our company to realize automatic testing of various audio and electro-acoustic indicators.
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