The Development Trends of Intelligent Vehicle Technology/The 16th International Forum of IMCA Ends


In order to promote the progress of new energy vehicle testing technology, support the product research and development of new energy vehicles and parts enterprises, and promote the leapfrog development of the new energy vehicle industry, the "2019 China New Energy Vehicle Testing Technology Summit" jointly sponsored by Guangdong Society of Automotive Engineers and Guangdong Instrument and Meter Society will be held in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel on September 2019-9, 6.

With the theme of "Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Technology and Creating a New Height in the Automotive Industry", the conference deeply discussed the test and measurement systems such as cutting-edge new technologies, key technologies of parts, advanced production processes and equipment, and related supporting products in the field of intelligent, connected and new energy vehicle development, so as to promote the intelligence and networking of the automotive industry, optimize the whole process of the automobile manufacturing industry, and jointly build an intelligent connected vehicle ecosystem.


One exhibition and three forums Elite Yangcheng in the intelligent automobile industry on the sword

Shenzhen Eptike Electronics Co., Ltd. brought a variety of professional testing equipment to help the exhibition, among which car audio automation system solutions and stand-alone test equipment attracted the most attention.


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Product highlights


Vehicle Automation Test System/ABT5801

I. System Introduction:

  该系统参考了VW80972-1(欧洲无线电广播标准,HAB/T1001.1-2007(车载音视频及多媒体信息集成系统通用技术规范),采用当前音视频,收音主流测量仪器,配合我公司自主研发的测试软件实现各类型车载影音产品功能指标全自动测试。它可实现对车机整机或半成品模块的工作电流、电压、 AM、FM(RDS)、CD、DVD、DTV、BT、NAVI、AUX IN、USB、SD、IPOD以及倒车影,CAN总线等辅助功能的快速自动测试。













  1. ABT-5800-01: 音频自动测试模块(CD/DVD/USB/AUX IN/IPOD/BT)





  导航接收灵敏度、系统启动时间 ( <10s )、冷启动时间 (<30s)、水平定位精度



  5.ABT-5800-05: 蓝牙自动测试模块


  6.ABT-5800-06: 辅助功能检测



EAC2023 Yimao Automobile Industry Conference Successfully Ends

From June 6 to 7, 2023, in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, the two-day "Easy Trade Auto Industry Conference" was successfully held in Suzhou International Expo Center. The conference covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters, with over 300 participating enterprises, focusing on new energy and intelligence. The products cover multiple fields such as new energy vehicle thermal management, millimeter wave radar, LiDAR, power batteries, NVH acoustics, intelligent networking, etc.

Warmly Celebrate Eptec Company's Award of the Honorary Title of "Specialized, Refined, and New" Enterprise in Shenzhen in 2023

Recently, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau announced the list of "specialized, refined, and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen in 2023, and Shenzhen Aipu TE Connectivity Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully won the recognition of "specialized, refined, and new" enterprises in Shenzhen.

2022 IFlytek Global 1024 Developer Festival - AI to the New, Digital, Intelligent and All Things

The Global 1024 Developers' Day is an artificial intelligence event with AI developers as the audience and industry, university and research forces leading the industrial development. It was initiated and hosted by IFlytek. Adhering to the concept of "openness, cooperation, ecology, and sharing", we gather top experts in global artificial intelligence and millions of developers to continuously promote the flourishing development of the artificial intelligence ecosystem. Eptec debuted at the exhibition with its latest product - ACTS, the ACTS communication acoustic testing system, which is a fully automated and objective testing and analysis system adapted to the latest audio technology for various communication devices and intelligent terminal voice calls and noise reduction performance. ACTS Advanced Speech Quality Analysis and Testing System Test Scenario Annual Meeting Site

Vice President of China Electronic Audio Industry Association Visits Eptec

On November 10, 2022, Mr. Chen Lixin, Vice President of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association, visited Eptec for inspection.

2022 Audio Technology Expo and Acoustic Building 17th Anniversary Annual Meeting

以“声联世界,无限未来”为主题的2022音频技术博览会暨声学楼17周年年会于11月5-6日在深圳前海圆满落幕。业界众多著名技术专家和教授亮相了此次年会论坛,给观众带来了最新的行业发展动向极领先技术分享, 现场学术气氛浓烈,行业供应链资源也聚集一堂,给与会者提供了丰富的行业信息。       本次展会爱普泰科重点推出了ACTS客观音频测试系统。此系统是一套针对各种智能终端的通话质量和降噪效果的全自动化、适应于最新音频技术的客观测试和分析系统,是目前国内唯一能满足3GPP测试标准的音频测试系统。   该系统包括ACTS-AQA与ACTS-MM两大板块. 广泛应用于手机,耳机等穿戴式,智能音箱等产品测试。The 2022 Audio Technology Expo and the 17th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the Acoustics Building, with the theme of "Connected World, Infinite Future", successfully concluded in Qianhai, Shenzhen from November 5th to 6th. Numerous renowned technical experts and professors from the industry made an appearance at this annual conference forum, bringing the latest industry development trends and leading technology sharing to the audience, The academic atmosphere on site was strong, and industry supply chain resources also gathered together, providing attendees with rich industry information. This exhibition focuses on the launch of the ACTS objective audio testing system by Aptec. This system is a fully automated and objective testing and analysis system that adapts to the latest audio technology for the call quality and noise reduction effects of various intelligent terminals. It is currently the only audio testing system in China that can meet the 3GPP testing standard. The system includes ACTS-AQA and ACTS-MM. It is widely used in the testing of wearable products such as mobile phones, headphones, and Smart speaker.

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